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Welcome to The Pilates Space. My name is Clare Marton. I am the creative director of The Pilates Space and would love to invite you to join one of my classes. Classes are held in Bognor Regis, Middleton-on-sea, & Felpham. Whether you are new to Pilates, a returning client, or want a different class I have a class for you. Pilates focuses on Joseph Pilates' original principles of Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centring, Precision & Flow.  Regular pilates practise can help improve posture, muscular tone & balance, increase joint mobility & relieve stress. Pilates is complimentary to sport, dance & martial arts helping to increase strength, flexibility & can reduce the risk of injury. All classes are fully insured,  first aid qualified and DBS checked. Find your pilates space today. Stand taller, feel better.


Monday, Pilates Mat, Jubilee Hall, Middleton-on-sea, 10.30am

Pilates Mat, Jubilee Hall, Middleton-on-sea, 11.40am

Pilates Mat, Jubilee Hall, Middleton-on-sea, 6.45pm

Tuesday, Pilates Mat, Felpham Community Hall, 11am

Wednesday, Pilates Mat,  Felpham Methodist Church Hall, Bognor Regis, 7pm

Thursday, Pilates Mat, Jeneses Community Hall, Bognor Regis, 10.30am

Pilates with props, Jubilee Hall, Middleton-on-sea, 6pm

Friday, Pilates Flow & Props, Jubilee Hall, Middelton-on-sea, 10am

All sessions are £6.50 with an option to pre-book a six week consecutive course for £30, one-to-one sessions & private bookings £45 an hour. *BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL FOR ALL CLASSES*



The Pilates Space


Email: thepilatesspace@outlook.com


Pilates Mat

Pilates mat focuses on the entire body. Exercises are in standing, seated position and lying down. Perfect for all abilities.

Pilates with Props

Props can help aid exercises, giving great feedback. This class also includes elements of release work for muscles & tissue. This class is perfect for those who already attend a pilates mat class.

Pilates Flow & Props

This class brings together the elements of pilates mat and pilates props. It also offers combinations. Perfect for those wanting an additional class. 

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